Deep Stupor But Why?

Had a lovely lunch with my Anusara Teacher, Bo at Gemini Diner [the same one mentioned below]—Yankee bean soup followed by a huge Greek salad with chicken, which I couldn’t possibly finish. Came home and had some fresh sliced watermelon and fell immediately into a deep stupor and had to go lie down.

What, lie down, a deep stupor? I know, what, why? I have NO idea. Was it the combination—of chicken and watermelon? Why would those suddenly make me fall asleep? That reaction--feeling like I can keep my eyes open and not because I'm tired but because I must lie down--I associate with an allergic reaction. But because I had eaten a bunch of things, none of which I am allergic too, I may never know why that happened.

After that, I decided to stick to a home-made diner: rice pasta with sliced grape tomatoes, fresh basil, all sautéed with garlic and olive oil and no reaction ensued. It was yummy. But still I’m stumped about earlier this afternoon. Hate that.


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