Books, Blookers, Blog Stock Market Oh My!

A small mid-morning snack - Happy Spring!

-Who else is excited for Harry Potter’s final installment this summer? Scholastic has gone that extra green step to commit to using recycled paper [up to 30% ] for this project. Having worked in book publishing I know a tiny bit about how books are manufactured [mainly in china, it’s cheaper] and to get a company to go green is no small feat.

The Man Booker prize in England is like the Oscars for books, with money attached. Now, there's the Blookers , cash prizes for the best books based on blogs.

Speaking of blogs, have you seen this? A virtual blog stock market ?!


Sheri said…
I am waiting for the latest Harry with bated breath...LOL I am a Harry Potter fanatic!
Vivian Mahoney said…
Interesting information. Thanks for sharing
Nowheymama said…
I can't wait for the last Harry Potter! I keep trying to talk my book club into reading it but no luck. :)

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