Bowery Hotel and More

On my way to Soho House to meet Isabel to do some writing this morning, I saw that Kingsford is set up for a major cookout in Madison Square Park , site of my former life as an editor. I wondered if Aaron Sanchez would be a part of it as he mentioned that company specifically at NYDISH . And lo, the website says yes. Looks like a fun event, if you’re in the ‘hood, and have time.

And had a peek at The Bowery Hotel on Saturday. [I’m still mourning the loss of my favorite gas station that was formerly on that site.] Run by the Maritime Hotel boys, there’s no doubt it will be an instant hit.

And slightly older news, but Patricia Yeo [she of a yummy allergen-free, made-with-love steak dinner ] is striking out on her own to a revamped Monkey Bar . It will be exciting to see what she creates!


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