Rebecca’s Nut-free

It’s so exciting to see how many companies are producing nut-free goodies. Just in the last 2-3 years, their numbers seem to have increased ten-fold. So, yay for choice and options for food allergy-sufferers!

Rebecca’s Nut Free, whose website was launched in 2005, was kind enough to send me some samples to taste test with my trusty panel: Dani, yoga enthusiast, sometime raw foodie, and healthy eater; and Bo, Anusara yoga teacher, nutrition counselor, and healthy eater. I couldn’t indulge as Rebecca’s Nut Free uses wheat, soy, dairy, and sugar in their line.

In a nutshell, pardon the pun, the product isn’t quite there yet.

Firstly, the packaging. We enjoy food with all of our senses; if only our eyes were doing the choosing, we’d have passed these by. The treats came in plastic industrial mini-ziplocs that were nestled in larger industrial plastic packaging. We could see the cookies but they were crumbled and dry looking. The company’s icon seemed unsophisticated to us, which we hoped was not an indication of the quality of the product. Unfortunately, it was.

Onto the goods: Rebecca’s Nut Free sent sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, a granola bar, and some brownie bites.

The granola bar was rated the highest: “toothsome, dense, tastes like homemade. But there is a lot of competition out on the market that’s better, made with better ingredients.”

The brownie bites came in second-ish: “cakey” but they had a “weird aftertaste.”

And everything else…was simply not good. The sugar cookies that were crumbled in the package were “dry”, “flavorless”, and tasted like "uncooked dough”; the chocolate chip cookies were also “dry” and “flavorless,” and tasters said, “it’s not a good cookie nor a good recipe”; the biscotti were “mealy” and “not good.”

Given the tasters experience, I can’t recommend these treats. Perhaps we got a bad batch? Perhaps the recipes need tweaking? I applaud Rebecca’s Nut Free for creating nut-free goodies but the product/recipes/design need some work, especially with so many competitors on the market.


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