Fanelli Cafe

The burger crawl continues. Why so many burgers these days for this Allergic Girl? Burgers and steak are usually and consistently nut and fish free, and it’s easy enough to order sans bun. The only exception to this new rule is if I’m in an overly fishy joint: often the grill is encrusted with the residue of a thousand overfished seas. In that case, a steak in a clean pan please. Which, funnily enough, has been refused me once recently: the kitchen said it was too afraid that its pans weren’t actually clean. Sigh.

Tried Fanelli’s Sunday night. We chose it because neither of us had ever been and we wanted to try something new. It claims to be the second oldest establishment in NYC. [Who's the first? McSorely’s perhaps? Or Pete’s Tavern? ] It was busy but not crazed with neighborhood/aging-hipster/Euro-tourist types. In this "seat yourself" world, we were able to score a cozy table. By the swinging kitchen door. We soon moved to an even cozier corner away from the door. Whew. Enter stage left red and white checked table cloths, a waitress who vacillated between attentive to forgetful, a caraf of vino and then, there were the burgers.

If I had read the AHT review pre-tasting, I might not have gone. AHT had a better, juicier, tastier experience at both Fanelli’s and Corner Bistro but in the final analysis I think we’re in agreement: neither is a destination burger. Both Corner's and Fanelli's burgers were on the tasteless side, not particularly beefy, not particularly juicy, and not super interesting burger-wise.

I wouldn’t run back, but no allergens present either.


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