Brick Alley Pub, Newport RI

On our first day, after telling cutie Brad behind the desk at our hotel about my allergy-free needs, he suggested Brick Alley Pub.

A homey, woody, crowded pub with a huge menu, I was wondering how this would ever work; huge menu usually spells VERY busy kitchen with alot of food pre-prepared, pre-cooked. At the bottom of the encyclopedia menu, there was a note: "Please tell your server if you have allergies". Aha. A glimmer of light.

I spoke with manager Tom, who assured me getting something allergy-friendly wouldn’t be an issue. "No problem," he said.

No problem usually spells problems.

After scouring the huge menu, all I came up with to eat was some steamed broccoli with melted cheese. [I ate more cheese this weekend than in the last three months].

It was delivered by our waitress with a flourish: "Here’s your allergen-free lunch!" she announced. She seemed proud of it. I was starved and bit deflated that this was the best they could come up with.

No problem indeed. But no great shakes either.

Brick Alley Pub

140 Thames Street
Newport RI 02840


OMG! Allergen free meal indeed. They shouldn't have made you pay for that. Instead of "No problem" he should have said "Nothing doin'" - as in "No Miss, we are unable to accommodate your needs".
Allergic Girl® said…
LOL. yeah that "no problem" is usually a problem.

i'd much rather a chef, like Chef Alex at Yesterday's who acknowledges that it might be difficult versus a "no problem".

they charged us $3 for two stalks of brocs with about an ounce of melted cheddar.

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