Gluten-Free BBQ

Summers and BBQs are practically synonymous. We don’t BBQ here much in NYC, no lawns or yards really. Sure, there are events in public parks like the now annual BBQ fest hosted by Danny Meyer. Occasionally, an ambitious friend breaks out the hibachi on their tiny terrace, or illegally grills on their tar beach. If you’re lucky, you may get invited to a BBQ in Brooklyn where they do have back yards, albeit small and paved over. If you’re super duper lucky, you may be invited to a green place like Long Island or Westchester for some outdoor fun.

Or, if you’re like me, your cousin invited you to Stamford, CT for a birthday celebration. My cousin, he’s so smart, he had the BBQ catered so it was hands-free for the parents and more fun for everyone. For me it meant a quick chat with the cook/caterer.

Things looked up when I asked her if she could make my burger without a bun, thinking she might steam/grill the bread like White Castle, which she didn't end up doing.

“Do you have celiac?” she asked. Wow, a caterer in Connecticut who’s aware of celiac. Impressive.

“No I don’t. I’m gluten intolerant, gives me tummy trouble and I can’t have any.”

“No problem,” she assured me.

I had two patties right off the grill [bypassing the bun platter entirely], with undressed salad, onions, corn on the cob and all was yum.

Maybe it’s because I keep it simple: no condiments, no dessert, no overly processed foods like hot dogs that it’s pretty straightforward to be allergen-free away from home. I know it’s not like that for other allergic folks: Allergic Diner wasn’t so lucky at her husband’s BBQ; Gluten-free Guide fared much better at her BBQ.

For the most part, if I keep it simple, I'm okay. The real test for me comes when traveling farther a field.

I’m heading to Newport, RI this weekend. These coastal towns love their seafood which equals a major issue for me. I get spooked even ordering salad when I know it’s a fish/shellfish fest in a hectic kitchen. So stay tuned for the trip-prep plan a la Mrs. Zum.


If you have a plan in place (and obviously you will) you'll be fine. Go with your instincts. You've done this enough times to know if the vibe is not good, get water and enjoy the company. Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll have a fabulous, reaction free time!!
Allergic Girl® said…
me too!

i already made some GF granola and bought some shelf-stable gathering snacks like boxed rice milk and westbrae organic garbanzo beans.

i'm also making sure to pack my sense of humor and ability to be flexible!
allergic diner said…
I'm very flattered to be mentioned in yesterday's post!
The best part of allergic travel? You can always look at menus online before you go - gives you an idea of not only what fish-free alternatives are offered, but contact info so you can call ahead to restaurants and see if they'll accomodate you. Heading out on vacation this weekend as well and I've placed quite a few calls already(alleviates the anxiety).
Enjoy your trip and stay allergy-free!
Allergic Girl® said…
excellent suggestion--hope you have a safe and allergy-free trip as well!
Unknown said…
Hi, not sure how you are getting to Newport but a quick Google search and I found Green Cup Cafe and Gluten Free Bakery in Kingstown, RI. It looks like it is back on the way to up to 95 which might be on your way home? I also did a quick zip code search on the GFRAP website, but all RI restaurants are within 25 miles of Newport. Good luck.
Hi AG,

I am new here just wanted to say hi...and start my journey on your blog...came across to your blog while I was searching for allergy have a great blog...keep the good work going on...and drop by at my blog and let me know what you think about it...thank you...

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Allergic Girl® said…
erin:thanks for the tip!

hwc: welcome!

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