Newport, RI and a Food Caveat

I like to eat well: clean tasting food prepared simply with fresh natural flavors.

My expectation is that a restaurant that values its patrons and the quality of its cuisine will be able to serve me allergen-friendly food that is yummy. I don’t think that is too much to ask and very often that is exactly what I get: great food that’s allergen-free.

So here’s the thing: in charming Newport all of the places we went to took care of my allergy-needs. PS: I used the allergy card, and I think that helped! I didn’t get sick, no tummy issues, no hives: nada. That is a feat and is super great. Yay Newport!

My disappointment was in that I didn’t eat very well. Overall, I found the current collective Newport palate menu overly complicated with strange pairings of fruit and herbs with meats and dishes oddly overly sauced. As I said in a previous post this Allergic Girl couldn’t get a plate of plainly roasted meat with clean vegs. I couldn’t even get a plain baked potato with steamed veggies, anywhere!? [another one of my old standbys as most American restaurants have baked potatoes and veggies somewhere in the back].

So what follows are some places where I ate allergen-free [again yay!] but my food was okay not great.

PS My dining companions had a similar feeling about the flavors of Newport cuisine but had more enjoyable meals.


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