It’s all come to a grinding halt: work and blogging. At least it feels like it has. Summer has officially interfered: we’re in the dog days, although quite cool of late, and everyone has left their desks. Even Lisa Belkin of the NYT couldn’t help but remark upon it.

My dearest friends and eating companions have all taken vacations to fantastic places: Cape Cod, San Francisco, Aspen, Istanbul, Taipei, Sydney, and Paris. Lucky them. I was in Stamford, CT yesterday for a BBQ, does that count?

I've visited some new old favorites restos, namely Noah's Ark, Otto, and Better Burger. All came through with happy, allergen-free flying colors.

But new restaurants and new products have gone untried, hence little news on the allergy-free restaurants front. I don’t think I’ve been out somewhere new in weeks!

How's your summer going?


Hope your BBQ was fun! It's been cold and rainy here. Not very good BBQ weather. Enjoy the rest of summer. It's coming to a close quickly!
Allergic Girl® said…
the bbq was fun-always great to see family...and it didn't rain until the very end!

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