Hans All Natural: Where Did They Go?

UPDATE: Seems the pvt label idea didn't work so well. The new Hans label went back to the recognizable Hans with a caveat that it's pvt label for WF. So long as I can find it...

So I was looking for my favorite Hans All Natural just to be told by a Whole Foods stockist that they don’t carry them anymore. Hmmm and in their place was a 365 sausage brand i.e. Whole Foods private label. I really don’t like it when Whole Foods does that; they also did that same switercheroo with GF dessert mixes.


So I wrote to Hans All Natural and got a very speedy reply about where they went:

"If you are referring to our Hans All Natural sausages at Whole Foods, they are currently transitioning to a Whole Foods label created by us. It looks like this:

The following retailers in New York are authorized to carry our chicken; what that means is that we ship products to their distribution centers but whether they send the products to the store closest to you, we don’t know:

o Costco (Coleman Natural chicken and hot dogs; Hans All Natural sausage)
o Food Emporium (Coleman Natural bacon and hot dogs)
o Fresh Direct online grocer (Coleman Natural bacon and hot dogs)
o Giant (Nature’s Promise bacon and hot dogs)
o Hannaford (Coleman Natural chicken)
o King’s (Coleman Natural chicken)
o Price Chopper (Coleman Natural bacon, chicken, deli meat, franks, hot dogs and kielbasa)
o ShopRite (Coleman Natural chicken)
o Stop and Shop (Nature’s Promise bacon and hot dogs)
o Tops Markets (Coleman Natural chicken)
o Trader Joe’s (Hans All Natural sausage; Trader Joe’s brand natural deli meats, hot dogs, kielbasa and sausage)
o Wegmen’s (Hans All Natural sausage)
o Weis Markets (Coleman Natural bacon, franks, hot dogs and sausage)
o Whole Foods (Coleman Natural kielbasa")

Good to know! So they have gone underground (kinda sorta) and I now know what to look for in WF when I'm hankerin' for a Hans.


Alisa Fleming said…
We have never bought Hans as my husband thinks they are too expensive, but they look so good! Any flavors you recommend (aside from cheesy ones of course!).
Allergic Girl® said…
i like the spicy italian. not really spicy just a great fennel flavor.

and yes they are very $$ for 4 links but you can def stretch them by making them a flavor accent versus the whole meal.

add them to tomato sauce with lots of veggies like onions and peppers and putting over pasta or rice.

or adding them to sauce for a GF lasagna with dairy-free "cheese".

i fry them in oil and put them over salad, wilting the lettuce first with the hot oil the links are cooked in, yum.
Lisa said…
I love the Roasted Artichoke and Olive ones, but when I bought them under the new label at Whole Foods, they tasted completely different (and not nearly as good). I can't seem to find any place else that carries this flavor under the Hans label.

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