Question for NYC Parents

OK, NYC parents -- *I* need some assistance.

Friends are coming in from the burbs this Saturday and want to take me out to dinner here in Manhattan.

They have 2 little girls, 5 years old and 1.5 years old who eat everything.

So we need a place good for parents and kids and good for this allergic girl.

I can’t for the life of me think where to go that’s yummy, allergen friendly and kid friendly on a Saturday that isn’t a diner!

Any suggestions would be so helpful--write a comment or email me!.


PS We're going to Landmarc in the Time Warner Center. Thanks Shari!


Journeywoman said…

I'm allergic to different things than you are (seafood, nuts, tomatoes) but one restaurant that has been consistently great has been la bonne soupe. I've called them and they have been lovely.

Good luck.
Allergic Girl® said…
wait seafood and nuts are my allergies too!

la bonne soupe, really? havent been there in ages.

good for kids?
Journeywoman said…
Depends on the kids. I've taken my nieces there at ages 8 and 10 (and up). The thing that gets them is the fondue. They love it, and the promise of the chocolate fondue...even better.

If you tell them what you need in the chocolate fondue they are AMAZING about it.

I asked my mom (one niece has allergies) and she said that Planet Hollywood is good...but VERY loud. Problem is the turnover there. You can get one lifesaver one trip and the next one he is gone.
Unknown said…
You're welcome. Anytime!

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