Chicago Tribune: “A Recipe for Disaster”

Sam Roe over at the Chicago Trib continues to turn up the heat for companies who claim they employ safe practices segregating potential food allergens when creating/processing their private label food products. (Here's his first story.)

Read the story.

If you feel so inclined, send an email thanks to Sam Roe for writing it. I have. Twice.

Another thought, given all of this fabulous and frightening reporting: consider cutting down your consumption of processed foods. There are no nuts in a turnip. There's no wheat in beet root. Eggs do not come from kale. (You get my point).


Unknown said…
I loved Sam Roe's stories.

The Whole Foods story especially interested me because I came across poor allergen labeling during the summer on some cake slices they sold in their bakery departments at their Boston stores. It took months and repeated phone calls to Whole Foods and the Mass. Food Protection Program to get it corrected.

It's crazy. I have called or emailed to inquire about allergen protocol, etc. for almost every package of food in my pantry. So many have a prepared speech about GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice?), but GMP somehow hasn't prevented cross-contamination that led to all those recalls.

I agree with your comment about cutting back on processed foods--our intake of processed foods is much less since my son's allergy diagnosis, and I bet we all are much healthier for it. That's been a positive change. (And I am getting better at decorating cakes too!)

Keep up the great work; I love your blog!
Unknown said…
Amen to cutting back on processed foods! It makes a world of difference and makes allergy-friendly eating much easier. No labels to read or anything. And the food is so much better for you! "Real" food tastes better, too.
GFree_Miel said…
A friends of mine was kind enough to share this article with me. How frightening is that??? I agree too that stepping back from processed foods would be a healthier choice, but I find that in college, it's hard to do so. Processed foods are just convenient for those who don't have the time or money to buy the good stuff. Hopefully after college, this will change for me because it would certainly make buying food much easier.
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks everyone for the comments!
I am totally shocked by this. Just this week I encountered the GMP statement on some Whole Foods cereal...Since I trust Whole Foods, I went ahead and ate the cereal. I am thankful that nothing happened but this has most certainly opened my eyes.

Thank you so much for passing on the Chicago Tribune story.

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