boom CHOCO boom by Enjoy Life

Finally, Enjoy Life Foods has been making in-roads in to my local Whole Food stores where last week, the boom CHOCO boom™ bar showed up.

I was extra excited about trying their crispy rice bar. I was thinking (read: hoping) for a Nestlé’s Crunch kind of experience. I loved those as kid and they inevitably gave me hives. I don't have a chocolate allergy, those are very rare, but back in the day there was no allergen warning, so the bars were probably contaminated with nuts. (See the Nestlé’s Crunch website for updated allergen information).

I think a Nestlé’s Crunch kind of experience is what Enjoy Life Foods might have had in mind when they created this product. Or not. I don’t know. However I do know that compared to the Nestlé’s Crunch of my memory the Enjoy Life Foods bar was not as sweet, doesn’t have the smooth mouth feel and has way less crunchies.

But that is only if you are like me and are comparing your memory of a candy bar to the one you are munching. I don’t recommend doing that. What ever lives up to your memory of a thing? Precious little. (Except maybe this "Music to Your Mouth" commercial from 1980--it's exactly the same.)

On it’s own merits, the boom CHOCO boom™ crispy rice bar is so delicious I would eat one every day if I didn’t have a waistline to watch and my health to consider; a candy bar, even an allergen-free one, is still a candy bar. I don’t even love chocolate and I found this bar addictive: not crazy sweet, a firmer chocolate texture, low crispies and just so good. I've found another allergen-friendly sweet indulgence, like I needed another one.

Have any of you tried them yet? Well, you're in luck. Good through November 7th, Enjoy Life Foods just emailed out a coupon.


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