Pure Rooms by Pure Solutions

Recently, I was invited to a media luncheon and to stay overnight in a Pure Room at the Sheraton Tarrytown. I was excited to go and try it out.

What was my experience like in a Pure Room (keeping in mind that this was one night, in one room, in just one hotel of the many rooms they have nationally)?

I experienced no chest tightness during my entire stay. Yay!

I’ve stayed in hotels where chest tightness turned into a wheezy mess and we had to change rooms, leave the hotel or cut our stay entirely! So, staying in a room for over 12 hours straight, and not having any chest tightness, gets a big woo hoo from this allergic girl.

For $20 extra on top of your regular room rate (which is the cost of a Pure Room), I’d happily pay that to wake-up asthma free.

Here's a picture of my Pure Room bed with my O mag and a gift from the Sheraton team, the stories of Washington Irving, famously former resident of Tarrytown:

Here's the air filter, working hard to keep me asthma-free:

Here's the Pure certificate saying the Pure team has been here to inspect and will be back soon to keep up on the sitch:

Note Bene: A program like this one relies upon strict compliance by the participating hotel. In my case, there were lapses in compliance of pillow and mattress encasements which made me wonder if there were other lapses I wasn't aware of. However, because I was asthma-free during my stay, I'm thinking that most of the Pure program was in place.

I discussed the Pure program in depth with the Pure team. They don’t claim to create a "perfect environment" (what hotel room is ever perfect?) and it's certainly not a sealed room but what they've created and strive to perfect is a more comfortable room for those of us with respiratory issues and environmental allergies.

So the upshot: I enjoyed the experience, had a minimum of allergic responses *and* Pure Solutions is at the beginning of creating a potentially great allergen-friendly product for our community.


Minta said…
Oh I so hope they come to Australia!

What a great idea.
Aunt Karen said…
I stayed at the Wyndham Lisle and checked into a Pure Room-The stay was excellent. As a business traveler I find myself on the road 15-20 days a month. There was a noticeable difference in this room over standard rooms.

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