I’ve been a Chobani fan for a while now. I travel with them, sprinkle my homemade granola on them - they are slightly cheaper than other Greek yogurts on the market and every bit as thick and Greek-styled. I’m lactose intolerant, and usually with yogurt, I don’t experience symptoms (or aggressive symptoms, that is).

Chobani was at Food Fete with me but they were one of the vendors (one of many) that I didn’t get to. So they kindly sent me some samples of their product line to try, including their smaller, kid-friendly portions/flavors: VerryBerry and Honey-nana

The Honey-nana was my favorite of the two: a slightly whipped texture (or was that from shaking in transit?), premixed (i.e. no fruit on the bottom), sweet but not overly so, five added probiotics and a smaller portion size for smaller tummies.

From the Chobani site:
100% natural
No synthetic growth hormones, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners
Packed with protein
An excellent source of vitamin D
A good source of bone-building calcium
Five live and active cultures, including three strains of probiotics
Gluten-free and Kosher certified
Free of nut, soy, wheat, and shellfish allergens
Two kid-friendly, blended flavors (VerryBerry and Honey-nana)

I found the VerryBerry and Honey-nana more commercial tasting with a few more added ingredients, like natural coloring and cream. And the pre-mixed feels less “Greek”. One issue for me was that with added cream, I was sent over the lactose-intolerant edge i.e. I was burping all throughout the Broadway show I was watching. However, that is not the yogurt's issue but mine. Overall, the kid in me liked these new kid-friendly sizes and flavors.

Idea for Chobani: I’d love this 100 calorie, 1.5 fat gram size for adults in your regular flavor line- it’s perfect for travel, more convenient for a purse and better calorie/fat/carb count. And I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting this smaller snack size - please consider it!


Unknown said…
So excited to hear that they are truly nut free! Looking forward to trying some new flavors, and I'm totally with you on the smaller, less calorie version for when you just want a snack to take with you. Thanks for posting about it!
Kate said…
oooh...can you share your homemade granola recipe if you haven't already? I've been looking for a good one. Thanks!

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