How To Get There

I read this story last week in the New York Times and thought it was a great metaphor for anyone who has been made fun of for finding their own way, even if it’s just ordering in a different way at the restaurant.

“Growing up, I thought that in order to be a successful dancer, you needed to be on Broadway or you needed to be in music videos, doing other people’s work,” she said. “So this is like a dream, to be able to just do my own thing to Girl Talk.” It was often scary during the last few years, she said, charting an iconoclastic path through the New York dance world, where people sometimes get “weirded out” by her ideas and her hybrid style. But she always had faith, she said, that if she kept doing what she loved, good things would happen. “I just didn’t know specifically how to get there,” she said with a laugh. “But now it’s coming to me.”

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