King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour, Cookie Mix

A few weeks back, Brooklyn Allergy Mom made some King Arthur Gluten-Free Cookies and shared a few cookies with me. She replaced the egg with applesauce and added some zanthan gum. The taste was delish – just like I remember chocolate chip cookies. However the texture was off - chewy, and not in the right way chewy. I thought maybe it was the lack of egg or the addition of xanthan, hard to know.

So I made some King Arthur Gluten-Free Cookies according to the directions. [Samples of this King Arthur Gluten-Free Cookiesmix were sent to me by King Arthur Flour back in the fall.] The mix came together easily and well, having the right texture, like a GF Toll House cookie. And the raw dough, tasted familiar, like raw cookie dough should (yes I had many many tastes). Only thing to do was to add some allergen-free chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life) and pop into the oven. This is what these little beauties looked like and boy oh boy were they good. As you can see, I couldn’t wait for them to cool before taking a taste. I gave a few cookies to a work colleague who doesn’t eat GF who said they tasted like regular cookies; he wouldn’t have known the difference. That is a major score. Especially as the King Arthur Gluten-Free Cookies mix is top 8 free!

One suggestion: don’t use salted margarine like I did, the dough had a distinctly salty/savory flavor whilst not unpleasant, could have been avoided.

One question to King Arthur Flours: I’d love some tips about substitutions (so one makes the mistake I did, for example). For example, the mix is top eightallergen free yet you need to add two allergens to make the mix – egg and dairy. I’d love to know if they had for egg-free, dairy-free? they have an FAQ section, that would work perfectly there or subs on their box that would be great!

Meanwhile, overall thank you King Arthur Flours for making such a great brown sugar cookie mix – bravo!


Colette said…
Sloane, I did make these allergen-free a while back. I used Earth Balance shortening and flax seed eggs, and they were a hit. You can see my review and recipe here:
Allison said…
Glad you like the cookie mix, Sloane! I'll pass your feedback along to our product development team. And Colette, thanks for sharing your suggestions! -Allison@KingArthurFlour

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