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I was talking with a new coaching client the other day about traveling to NYC with two food allergic children. I go over this extensively in my new book however I wanted to add some additional strategies that came up during our sessions:

Bring all of your medications with you.

Go over your allergy action plan or emergency plan with your board certified allergist/pulmonologist or GP from home.

Print it out and pack it. PDF it and email it to your self. Put a PDF copy of it on your smart phone so you have it handy.

When you choose your hotel, do a google search in the area for local hospitals. Put those names, numbers and addresses in your phone for easy use.

Also do a google maps serach for local 24 pharmacies around your hotel. Here in NYC CVS, Rite Aid and Duane Reades are everywhere, many open 24hrs with pharmacists.

If you like chain restaurants, look them up in NYC, we do have some like Chipotle that are allergen-friendly.

If you want more restaurants, read my sub-site: as well as my top tips for dining out

And remember: all of this emergency information is just in case. Most likely everything will be great but you don’t want to scramble in an emergency in a new city. Having these few items on hand (action plan, hospital names, local pharmacy names) will decrease your anxiety about traveling somewhere new.


Gab said…
I would say bring your medications with you ON THE PLANE. And don't forget a doctor's note for security to explain why you are carrying all those epis and benadryl :)

oh, and snacks, always bring extra safe snacks!
Lise Samson said…
Thank you very much Sloane!

These informations will be useful because our family will visit New York City during Easter week-end.
You allowed me to discover Chipotle that we will surely visit.

What do you think about fast food restaurants that have allergen informations on their web site? Can we trust them?

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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