International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of NY, 2011

I was honored to host a panel about food allergies for the food service industry at the International restaurant of Foodservice Show of NY for the fourth year.

For the third year, Chef Meghan Young of BRGuest and Julia Bradsher of FAAN joined me to educate the food service industry on food allergies and best practices.

Here we are getting ready:

Always a pleasure working with these professional and knowledgeable women.

I was asked to do a short podcast about our panel for the Expo:

And then, we were able to walk the floor and look at all of the goodies. The Japanese pavilion this year had the most interesting allergy-friendly and gluten-free items.

Fresh, gluten-free rice-based pasta:

Rice-flour based brioche squares:

Pretty, gluten-free soy wraps for vegan sushi:

Smokin' condiments:

I will post reviews soon!


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