Hmmm Bacon

Adding Organic Rice Syrup to my diet may have been a bust, ok not a total bust but not something I’d use all the time or even crave but turkey bacon? Now I think I may have found a new lunch buddy.

During my 17 year stint as a vegetarian, the smell of bacon was the ONE thing I thought could turn me. I never cheated, not even once, but that smell, that smell. I was certainly tempted.

Now, I am a full-on Me-gan. A Me-gan is what my dear friend Casey calls herself as she eats ONLY meat, NO veggies. Hmm actually, I eat meat and veggies, so okay, maybe I’m an honorary Me-gan. Regardless, one would think given my secret bacon harboring I would have run to the nearest Pork store, loaded up and gotten down.

In fact, I have only had bacon once in this past year of meat, on Mother’s Day at Barbounia, and that was a bite or two and it was killer. I tucked into a slice, about 1/2” thick. It was both chewy and crispy; the fat was mouth-melting, the meat well smoked; it was like a bacon-pop. Really bacon-y.

But I haven’t had any since nor have I wanted any. However, yesterday during my jaunt at Whole Foods, the package of Turkey Bacon, next to my Hans sausages, seemed to call to me. And I answered the call. So for today’s lunch I had two slices of Organic Turkey Bacon, with mesclun salad and avocado.

It was surprisingly decent for a processed food. A good not overly smoked flavor, not too salty, slightly chewy texture—and for 35 calories and less than 1 ounce of protein per slice, I thought why not make myself a ABLT non-wich this evening before I go out?


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