In The Vessel With A Trestle And A Pestle

I peeked at the menu pasted in the front window and at the bottom it said, "Please let your server know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions." Now , I thought, this is a resto I can get behind; I eagerly opened the door.

Opened just over a month, Trestle on Tenth, situated on the corner of 24th Street and 10th Avenue, has a small menu, based on Swiss German comfort foods. The room is bi-level [a bit like Three of Cups but not as dark or as rustic], with clean blond wood furniture and floors, and a garden area twice the size of the one at Five 9th and twice as nice.

I told our lovely waitress that I had both allergies and restrictions and she didn’t blink. “No problem,” she said. I can’t tell you how pleased and comforted I was to hear that, now to see if it was true.

I had the "roasted chicken in consume" which was a yummy chicken soup. My dining companion had the stuffed veal [stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and more veal] and we shared roasted beets. Here’s the stealth kinda blurry pic I took.

We sat outside and indeed, as the home page on the website suggested, talked with the lovely lesbian couple next to us about how horrible the East End is and how much better upstate NY is for a country home.

Overall, I was quite pleased with how the chef, Ralf, has set up this resto, trained his host and instructed his servers—however, it is only the first month. I plan to hit it again in the near future to see how it holds up.


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