Organic Brown Rice Syrup

In an attempt to expand my diet, I try one new thing a week.

This week, I’m going to try Organic Brown Rice Syrup. I think I will put it instead of maple on my oatmeal ,or maybe if I bake a gluten-free treat.

I had a small taste, and it reminded me of malt syrup: sweet but without the sharpness of honey or the definite taste of maple—a soft sweetness. So far it's not particularly memorable as a sugar substitute.

What about Agave you ask? --the new darling of the sugar substitute world? Well, it’s one of those punked out moments of mine; I just don’t know how my body might react to the nectar of a cactus. I would probably be fine. However, I thought I’d try rice first; I know I have no problems with rice.

UPDATE: Had the syrup on my oatmeal this morning [Aug 30]. It gave my oatmeal a background sweetness without lending a distinct flavor--probably quite good for baking. And I've had no funky reaction thus far. But I think I'm gonna stick with maple in my morning bowl. Hmmmmm, Maple.


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