I Think I Have Blog Envy

Seriously, I think I have blog envy. I mean overall I think I’ve drawn a pretty great lot in life, all things considered. So envy is not something I usually going around feeling.

Maybe this isn’t envy exactly. It feels more like being in 8th grade and watching all the tenth graders doing cool stuff and wishing and wanting to be like them. What would one call that?

All I can say is that this world of blogging, it’s all so new to me, I have so much to learn and just want to get there already!

But here’s the thing, because I am no longer in 8th grade and I know that I will get there eventually I know I just have to be patient and keep writing and blogging and surfing and sharing with you.

Again not so bad when I break it down. But boy oh boy there’s some fun stuff out there.

Here, just to show I don’t have blog envy, I’m gonna share what I've stumbled upon in the last few days.



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