Thai Kitchen

Funnily enough I just returned from lunch out and a quick visit to Whole Foods where there was a sale on Thai Kitchen cup-of-noodles – you know the sale items they place in the entry-way so you can’t miss them? I never buy meal kits, instant noodles, etc for multiple reasons: I am a self-proclaimed food snob and would rather cook it from scratch; additionally, the foods are highly processed, contain tons of sodium and the possibility for allergies is high, especially with a Thai product, a cuisine that relies heavily upon nuts and fish.

However, when I returned back to my desk, what should I discover but an email from Ms. Lovely Scones with this site. It has a helpful grid outlining what product contains which allergen: wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, etc. Kinda impressive. Now if they would just write a paragraph or two on their cross contamination procedures, I might try their food. Just to try it; I always like to expand my diet, even if I am a snob.

Post Script: Ms. Lovely Scones, also a make-it-from-scratch-kinda-girl, and a fantastic editor to boot, just wrote to remind me Thai Kitchen also produces the actual ingreditents to make authentic Thai cuisine, not just kits. Which is totally true. Ok, I guess no more shorthand, the readers are reading...


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