After about a year of being dairy-free, I’ve taken the plunge this morning and tried Lactaid. Months ago, my doctor had suggested that I may be lactose intolerant and not dairy intolerant and the only way to find out these things is to try the potentially offending food.

So this morning I had milk in my tea.

I had done this once before at least six months ago with regular organic 2% milk to very tummy-upsetting results which is not cute whilst at work.

But as I’m working from home today, and I REALLY miss real milk in my tea I gave it a go and I must say no issue so far… this could be interesting.

I actually like being dairy-free so I don't anticipate going Lactaid-product-wild if this turns out to be an okay experiment, but having real milk in my Earl Grey tea would be a small pleasure that I have sorely missed and would happily welcome.

Wish me and my tummy luck!

UPDATE: So approx. 8 hours later and still all good. I think I will try more than a few ounces tomorrow and see what happens.


Heather said…
That's great news. Yay!

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