Lunch at Chez Moi

On the days and nights I don’t eat out, I dine Chez Moi.

Today’s lunch at Chez Moi consists of Hans organic spicy chicken sausage sautéed in organic extra virgin olive oil over wilted Earthbound organic mesclun greens [I use the olive oil I just sautéed the sausage in as a sauce over the greens, yummers!]. Oh and some bi-color corn straight from the farmer’s market. Love organic!

I go organic whenever I can, budget allowing. And I discovered Hans a few month’s back at whole foods on 14th street and I can’t get enough! They use organic products, they have a great taste, they make many sausage varieties and the sodium/calorie count isn’t horrible. If they could just bring the price down from $5.99 for a pack of four. [when I can get to Costco in Queens they sell a multi-pack which is a much better value].

The Hans, love the Hans!


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