Better Burger But Not Best

Last night, I went to Better Burger with my excellent friend and Anusara-yoga-inspired teacher, Bo. I had been once before this past summer and I went ‘urp, ‘urp, ‘urp all the way home. No good. Why did I try it again? Well, they are organic, we live in the neighborhood and it was easy. I was hoping the ‘urp was a one time deal.

I ordered some of their non-fried fries to share and The Big One, no bun, extra fixings. It came with a huge long hair that was decidedly NOT mine. I sent it back and they remade it. Bo ordered a cheeseburger that had still not arrived when I was halfway through my second order of burger.

They said they lost the order and quickly created a new one and brought us a free order of fries that I suggested might ease the pain of the lost burger.

Overall the chat was more important than the meal, which is just as well as the meal was okay not fantastic. I’m glad they were organic burgers and not-fried fries for ease of mind--and there was nothing nutty going on--but even as a fast food joint they need work in many areas.


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