A Lactose Movement

Driving down Broadway past 14th, I spied an odd sight: a LactoseTolerance.org sign in an empty storefront looking very much like a fake political party or a publicity stunt.

I checked it out, they were giving away free Nestle Quik and even though I’m dairy-free Phil likes Strawberry milk so I’d thought I’d get some for him and check out who or what is promoting Lactose.

The short story is these two guys want to make June 1st, 2007 Lactose Tolerance Day. They had petitions, voting booths for favorite flavors, [although no vanilla--the horror], magnets and bumper stickers; the "campaign" is there all week on Broadway and 12th street. It was almost like an Apprentice episode because clearly there was money behind it.

I'm sure it's meant to be a cute marketing tool; however, at it's heart I smell some backlash. Milk doesn't need help with branding. Milk is milk. But somehow these smart guys convinced one of the majors, Nestle, to back their movement and great for them. However, I can't help feeling that the last thing we need is backlash, even if it's in good fun. Really, we need more understanding and compassion about food intolerences.

Nestle, if you're listening, there are plenty of us that would love to see and support a NesQuik that was organic and Lactose-free. Doesn't every campaign need a worthy opponent?


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