Principal Skinner Has Peanut Allergies!

It's official--food allergies, specifically nuts, specifically PEANUTS, have entered into the zeitgeist.

I was watching tonight's newest ep of The Simpsons--I don't think I've watched it for about ten years--but I'm in Jersey with Phil who likes watching it.

Imagine my surprise when the B storyline revolves around Principal Skinner's kryptonite--his deathly peanut allergies! Upon this discovery, Bart makes mincemeat of out Skinner. That is, until Skinner discovers Bart's foil: a shrimp allergy! With pieces of the offending allergen attached to long sticks, they battle it out in the style of the Star Wars battle between Yoda and Darth Maul. They end up in a Thai food factory, fighting over a vat of "Peanut Shrimp sauce" and into the vat they tumble. Flash forward to the hospital where they have both been treated and continue the battle.

If I needed any proof here it is: food allergies are now omnipresent--enough to warrant a national televsion show to make fun of them!

I think this is a silly but big step forward for the food allergy fight.


Anonymous said…
Darth Maul, luv...
Allergic Girl® said…
I knew that, finger slip...oopsy.

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