Funky Mouth

For years, I've experienced Funky Mouth.

Funky mouth is an oral allergic reaction to a food which produces a feeling like one has eaten sharpened razor blades; the insides of the cheeks, the palate and the tongue feel ripped up, sensitive and itchy.

Generally, I have a sliding scale of funky reactions to the nightshade family of vegetables: cooked or raw eggplant is immediate funky throat, close cousin to funky mouth but lower and a bit scarier; raw tomato is funky mouth sometimes; raw peppers are funky mouth occasionally but not usually; and potatoes are generally OK.

Now, I’ve read an official confirmation of some form of funky mouth.

According to this press release, during ragweed season, the allergens in the air mixes with food in your mouth and produces oral allergies…now that’s something even I have never heard of but I’ve experienced it. For example, melon often gives me funky mouth so I don’t eat it, but I haven’t tracked if it was during ragweed season. Something to consider.


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