Change. It’s in the air. A breeze blew in the window this morning and it smelled like school. New outfits, composition books, the perfect pen for notes, the last scramble to finish book reports from the summer reading lists.

Since I’m not in school anymore, thank god, I decided to take the opportunity to make a small change. I tried coconut.

It's not like I've never had coconut before. I grew up eating coconut -- I have many memories of my father taking hammer to shell and cutting out the best piece for me [such a daddy's girl]. However, somewhere along the way I got shy about eating it, or rather, I became afraid that I had grown allergic to it and thus, completely eliminated it from my diet.

A few months back, in a brave moment, I bought some Baker's Shredded Sweetened Coconut, in preparation for this type of experiment. And I had a pinchful back then and nothing, no reaction other than remembering how good coconut is in cakes, macaroons, pina colodas. Yum. But I haven't touched the bag since.

Which brings me back to today, and my acupuncture session wherein Aimee reminded me that I should really try coconut again. As I like to try a new thing a week, even if it's an old thing, I had a few pinches of the Baker's shredded coconut. And then I ate a few pinches more. And then I dipped a spoon in the bag.

Even though the Baker's coconut is covered with visible sugar and salt, [Aimee likes this kind of coconut], it was still pretty darn good. And no ill effects, although the sugar might get my stomach later.

So, I'm feeling like I've handed in one book report and received a check plus.


Bo said…
Oh my gosh, girl! You have got to try fresh young coconut. You can usually find it in Chinatown. You drink the yummy, slightly lactic tasting liquid inside and once that's all gone you scoop out the sweet, soft flesh with a spoon. Yum-Oh. Lots of food love for only a buck 50.

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