Marseille, NYC

Does blogging make one bolder?

Since I started this blog less than a month ago, and putting into words my daily forays in dining out with food allergies and intolerances, I have noticed a slight internal shift. I still give my server-spiel: “no nuts, no fish –that’d kill me”. However, I have noticed that I’ve been pushing myself to try more and to punk out less. It seems the mere act of verbalizing my fears, concerns and eating triumphs is like a self-feeding cycle of karmic eating goodness.

Take last night for example. I had been to Marseille a few times before for a drink or to hang at Kemia, the downstairs bar. The food, a Southern French/Moroccan inspired menu, never tempted me: too much fish, nuts in the chicken and a lack of familiarity with the spicing/condiments possibilities equaled too complicated.

However whilst reading the Celiac Chicks blog last week, I saw they went to Marseille and a helpful woman named Kaylyn, bartender and chef, walked them through the menu, illuminating gluten-free items. I left a comment that we should all be so lucky to have a Kaylyn and next thing I know Kaylyn is inviting me come to Marseille and she would do the same for me.

So last night, Danielle and I checked it out. We met Kaylyn, who indeed pointed out the GF items as well as explained that the kitchen used nuts only as a garnish so it would be no prob to eliminate. We split the chickpea fritters and the mini lamb sausages, two items I would normally shy away from. However, they were truly delicious and I had no discernable allergic reaction to anything.

Placing my food allergies in a new spotlight has helped to push the boundaries of my eating options and extend the borders of my gastronomic comfort zone. My very excellent and uber-Mensch Career Coach Jonathan would love knowing that I'm extending my comfort zone. And frankly, I’m loving it, too!


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