Typical Jewish Christmas happening here so far. Had Chinese food last night; hope to see a Chinese movie today; and made those gluten-free PB cookies last night, which are quite rich but good. And whilst driving my brother back from college drove through Ho-Ho-Kus, a name that tickles me and seems fitting for Christmas Eve.


burekaboy — said…
happy to hear you liked them :] pretty decent for 3 ingredients and no flour, huh?
Allergic Girl® said…
i thought so. very rich. i like the idea of making a dent and putting in some jelly which i read over at another blog, by the bay maybe?
burekaboy — said…
never even thought of that! i guess they'd be called something like 'peanut butter thumbprint cookies' at that point. great idea :) i'll actually add it to the post at the bottom for a variation. thanks.

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