Shopsin's, also gone, also yay

Back in the day, way, way back, my mother and I went to Shopsin's. Blondie was sitting and eating in the window booth in its former location on Bedford. We went in, sat down and ordered.

Or rather we tried to order. I asked for pancakes. One of the points of Shopsin's was the ridic menu, everything, anything, all day, every day.

Except this day.

The waitress came back and told us that the Chef [Mr. Shopsin] didn't want to make pancakes. Nor did he want to serve us. And in fact, could we please leave now. My mother and I looked at each other, stunned. My mother fumed; I wanted to crawl under the table. We left the resto in a huff, which was empty mind you, and never went back.

So yes, now they're finally closing. It may have taken 20 years for bad karma to reach them but good riddance Shopsin's.


Unknown said…
Huh. That's so odd. I used to be a Shopsin regular when it was on Bedford street. I went every couple of months and almost always got the Junior Mint pancakes - Junior Mints inside the pancakes. They were always yummy. They were never ever rude to me and I was never kicked out. Maybe I filled their ethnic diversity quota or something. Twice they even said I didn't owe them anything. Free brunch! I had already moved out of the West Village by the time they moved to Carmine.
Allergic Girl® said…
ha! maybe they had one too many jews therefore over their quota of that.

can you imagine anyone throwing out me and my sweet mother? it was humiliating and bizarre. glad they've closed. and no i'm not "that" bitter. ;-)
Anonymous said…
A note from the "sweet mother"...Shopsin's was a huge mess with kids' toys all over the floor, everything looked dirty, definitely worthy of a visit from the Health Dept. I vaguely remember that I called to file a complaint about them..I was that upset about the way they had treated us. PLUS, the message from the chef was actually that he was getting bad vibes from us and refused to serve us. I was amazed they lasted as long as they did. Did someone here say "good riddance"?
Heather said…
I read in the Times yesterday that they're closing up but moving to another location on the LES.

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