What Jews Do On Christmas

Oopsy, I meant to post this pre-Christmas.

Eater.com gave a nice link to a NY Sun article about the “traditional” Jewish Christmas and where to find it these days. [don’t ask me what exactly the NY Sun is, I haven't read it.] I haven't had Chinese on X-mas in a while, that pesky cross contamination issue looms large, but my memories are quite fond of going to the movies and eating Chinese take out whilst the rest of the city ate ham and sang carols or whatever it is that people do on Christmas Eve.

Post Script: Actually, I ate dinner at Ollie’s [no stray claws found in my Bok Choy]; saw a Chinese movie; and heard some caroling [Julliard students perhaps?] under the tree at Lincoln Center, which was very Hanukah Bush-y in blue and white.


ByTheBay said…
Oh wow - I hadn't thought of Ollie's in years! Do they have gluten-free food there? I figure everything they serve must have (wheat-containing) soy sauce. Last time I ate there I found a cockroach in my soup. Oh, Ollies.

Hope you had a joyous Jewish x-mas!
Allergic Girl® said…
ha! no not gluten free at all--i only order veggies steamed generally. no soy.

but ms by the bay that is the most disgusting soup story! horrible!

i think it will be a while before i can face going back--ugh!

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