Have you been reading about S’MAC? I keep passing by their spot downtown and find myself day-dreaming about the days when I could readily order a cheesy, bubbly, comforting bowl of the stuff.

Mac-n-cheese used to be an all time favorite, in the pre-no dairy, no wheat phase of life. Actually an ex-boyfriend used to make yummy batches, a gourmet version no less, at the bat of an eyelash. But these days there is so much about the dish that is off limits and would equal a major tummy upset for a few days. Really, just not worth it. But what is worth it is asking them if they’re considering an intolerant folks version.

Here’s the exchange:

“Mac and cheese is one of my all time favorites dishes--and I would love to go to your spot. However, I’m gluten and dairy free. Any chance you guys have considered doing a special rice pasta and gluten free breadcrumb, dairy free version of your mac n cheese? "--Allergic Girl

"Dairy-free mac & cheese is something we do keep hearing, (along with gluten-free) - so rest assured that we will indeed introduce this option at some point. The thing that I can't tell you is when. But send an email to keepmeintheloop@smacnyc.com and we will keep you posted as time goes by. Thanks for writing. Best, Sarita"

Hmm good to know; good to ask.


That's excellent! Keep us posted when you get an update. It's nice that people and establishments are becoming more allergy/intolerance aware. Maybe in a few years there will be several places that cater to special food needs and the food will actually be good! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We would love to take our son out to eat. I found a pizza place not far from us that makes gluten free pizza. The only problem is that they use dairy in the crust. If he could only outgrow the dairy allergy, we could take him for pizza. I know he'd love that.

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