No Shoe Zone

I'm totally one these too. My studio apartment is a shoe-free zone.

My thinking: one room is my entire living space.

When you have multiple rooms, perhaps the dirt comes off after you’ve tramped in the hallway, been through the front door, through the foyer, taken a tour of the kitchen and living room and dining room and maybe made a pit-stop in the guest bath. And then perhaps, if you’re very lucky, you were invited into the bedroom: the sanctum sanatorium.

But since a studio apt is all sanctum, I say shed your shoes, leave the NYC dirt on my doorstep and welcome with open and clean arms!

PS: if you read the article, I have say that I think that the guys who wrap their furniture in saran are very anal retentive chef gone haywire. But I’m sure that some readers think that about me. Ah well. To each…


ByTheBay said…
Hm. I have strong feelings about this one. I hate when people ask me to take my shoes off. I don't feel comfortable with my shoes off around people I don't know really well. BUT, I do understand the concept when you have a studio apartment or a brand new floor. And it's not that big a deal unless it's a fancy party where shoes are part of the outfit.

That said, some people are just control freaks. That article is insane! I mean, I think anyone who feels the need to saran-wrap their furniture has a mental health problem. Ever heard of coasters? Sheesh.

I also think anyone who puts white carpeting in their house kind of has it coming. That's just plain stupid.

I wonder what compels people to buy furniture or flooring they can't bear to have someone sit or walk upon? Thank goodness my friends are a laid back, non-anal bunch.

PS I love the Anal Retentive Chef! And the Anal Retentive Carpenter!
Allergic Girl® said…
yeah i never wanted to have the kind of house where you couldn't spill or break anything, where everything is so precious. stuff is meant to be used and loved, like the velveteen rabbit! i grew up with friends who lived in houses/apt like that, precious antiques etc no fun at all. but the shoe thing--NYC city streets are really dirty and i don't want that dirt in my bed! ;-)

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