The House, Again

Walked by The House again last night; I'm in that 'hood often. Finally, they have a menu posted on their winter doors as well as a sign that says they're opening January 3rd, 2007. Three men sat drinking at the bar whilst a small crowd gathered at the door to have a peek at their offerings. It’s a small menu, a few choice things, including the revived “MP”, and not cheap: entrees were $22 and up.

What caught my eye was the note at the bottom of the entrée page: “No substitutions or changes.” Then, “Please let your server know of any dietary restrictions.” This is a contradiction, no? I feel like this mixed message will encourage those patrons who insist they have “allergies” to foods when in fact they simply don’t like beets or onions or turmeric and want a substitution. This gives waitstaff “allergy” fatigue, how could it not?

Listen up, House. Keep the message to your patrons simple [and help out your kitchen], either you can make food subs or you can’t. You can’t serve two masters: the kitchen and the patrons. And you know where my vote is.


Linda said…
I agree, I was confused by that statement too. I've been walking past that place on my way to work for over a month before they opened just waiting for a menu! I'd like to go there for wine and an appetizer but it is a little pricey for my everyday restaurant adventures. I must say though, the design is luring and warm.

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