Had an afternoon delight mid-week and saw the recent revival of Company . Staged by the same director who did the stripped down version of Sweeny Todd , I must admit there was something quite imaginative and different and thrilling about watching the actors sing, act, and play instruments. The orchestra was the play, there is no pit; the players are the song and the songs are classics.

I saw an understudy for the main role, who was terrific [as understudies very often are]. The performers were uneven, as one would expect given the demands of this production: some sang better then acted, some played their instrument better than they acted, etc. But, but the nature of the undertaking was awesome. And it’s Sondheim. From “Bobby, Baby” to “Being Alive” to “Ladies who Lunch”, I’m sure it due to my 70s childhood and musical theater training, but it was like hearing old friends.


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