International Restaurant & Food Service Show

Some morning International Restaurant & Food Service Show amuse bouches before I head back to hear Danny Meyer speak.

Have you ever had speck at 10AM? These guys were slicing it up and doling it out. And it’s organic!

The Red Jacket Orchard guy [they’re at the Saturday Green Market ] - his mother is allergic to 30 things, and his girlfriend is allergic as well. Small allergic world.

The EIC of Chocolatier having a tete a tete with the Guittard chocolate boys.

A pastry competition that looks a lot like an outtake from Food Network Pastry Challenge . Lots of tall, whimsical confectionary concoctions, my favorite of which was a chocolate tiki guy.

Aisles and aisles of chef uniforms; computers with touch screens for your dinner order; cappuccino/espresso makers; baked goods that don’t appear to be from central processing but they *so* are; lots of soft serve machines, and a whole pizza pavilion, with, I kid you not, some Sopranos types "bada-binging".

Rhythm touch was there-electronic acu-therapy. What they’re doing at this show, I have no idea.

The Mendy’s guys speaking the only Hebrew I would hear all day. Not that I would expect to be hearing alot anyway.

Vinegar drink sound yummy? It was being pushed, I mean offered, in the Japan Pavillion, as well as Green tea drinks, dried fish things, and a lot of pictures of young pretty Japanese girls [both cartoon and real models] drinking cups of something “health” related.

I bumped in the Candle Café folks. Co-owner Joy teaches nutrition at my old grammar school, talk about small world!

And I did my mitzvah for the day, turning in a cell phone I found in the bathroom stalls to security. I hope they found the owner.


Heather said…
Ooh, yum. I am so jealous!

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