Rebecca’s Nut Free Responds

Given my testers’ experience with Rebecca’s Nut Free , I wanted to give them an opportunity to respond to the review. Here’s owner and Rebecca’s mom’s reply. It includes a generous free-shipping discount so you can try the goods yourself:

“Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your review, and we do appreciate your input. We strive to make our packaging functional and cost-effective. Our logo is definitely child-like and unsophisticated - Rebecca drew it when she was 8. I love it - it serves to help us focus on why we started Rebecca’s Nut-Free, how it is a labor of love, and is a constant reminder of all of our young customers. We are not a huge commercial enterprise, but a small mom-run bakery with a unique and personal understanding of our customer’s challenges. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the families we serve, albeit in a small way.

“We are sorry that your testers did not enjoy the product. We have countless testimonials from customers who are delighted with our cookies, brownies, and granola. We do have a relatively short shelf live on our products as we use no preservatives; to help this, our products freeze well and keep for 4 months in the freezer.

“Again, we appreciate your feedback and applaud your service to the food allergy community. Please offer your blog-guests a special coupon (just type AllergicGirl at checkout) for free US shipping on any order over $20 at (good until May 31, 2007)

Best to you, Rebecca’s Mom”


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