The Lives of Others

Much better than the trailer led me to believe, a hair less “amazing” then everyone’s been raving about – still worth catching if it’s playing near you or when it comes out on video. Here’s the NYT review . And the Oscar winning speech.

Getting in was a Comedy of the Unmannered. Jeez. Upper East Side ladies and gents, and I mean over the age of 55, with furs and jewels and nose jobs and hair-dos actually bum rushing the line. There was pushing, shoving, and cheating. From some of the wealthier denizens of NYC. Bad behavior and poor form. A laughable display, all to get a seat. And PS there was a huge crowd waiting in a hot line but it was far from sold out, tons of great seats to be had once we all shoved our way in. [I’m including myself in there only inasmuch as I was caught up in the middle of a pushy throng].


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