Five Points Restaurant

Shari and I went to a lovely brunch on Saturday where we engaged in a good foodie gos over an excellent eggy brunch. (Shhh, she knows a contestant on the third installment of Top Chef [which I can't yet reveal] . And less shhh, Top Chef fave Chef Dave Martin will be chefing at Lola [formerly of 19th street], which is reopening next month in Soho.)

Onto to Five Points. Here are five reasons to go back:

1. Busy, happening, dressy, well-heeled be-patroned brunch. On a Saturday.

2. Our server Dennis rocked. Was sweet, patient, communicative and adorable [which isn’t a requirement but helps]. And after brunch, he told me he has a bad shellfish allergy himself [which isn’t a requirement but totally helps].

3. Dennis also told me on the DL that they have new management, which was very evident from his training and how he handled my concerns. They get it. And the kitchen gets it. Rah!

4. We weren’t rushed. We were still there after the brunch crowd was way gone and the servers were having their family meal . And we didn’t get the “get out of here” side glances.

5. Our dishes were terrific! Worthy of a second visit. I had the baked eggs with polenta, roasted tomatoes and ricotta. (Shari had baked eggs with lox.) Extra bonus: the baked egg dishes come in their own ceramic platter [less possibility for contamination, no?]. It was totally delicious and no fish nor nuts [nor gluten, soy or sugar] anywhere in sight.

Frankly, I was surprised. I’ve been to Five Points a few times over the years since it opened in 1999 and I don’t recall it being either remarkable or particularly friendly to allergic people or friendly in general. Here’s where new management was also evident. Staff was friendly, room abuzz, and food yummy. So much so, I’m more curious about their sister restaurant Cookshop on 10th avenue that I’ve heard and read much about but hadn’t thought to run to [see above comment]. Similarly, I’m now more curious about what the team is going to do with the beloved Provence on MacDougal that they will be re-opening imminently [see the third item].

PS Just spoke with Bo who had almost the identical positive experience, including same waiter and same egg dish on Sunday.

PPS Grub Street broke the SHHH about Top Chef Season Three.


Lynn Barry said…
Burgers ROCK! Hey, you were right...being refined sugar free has made life much sweeter for me. HUGS

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