Dairy-Free, Not So Much

Small admission, and I need to change the subtitle of this blog.

Since discovering, through trial and tummy error, that I am, in fact, lactose intolerant and Lactaid works pretty darn well, my dairy-free-ness isn't as hard core as it has been these past two years. I have some Lactaid milk in my tea in the morning. I can have some hard cheese like a tablespoon or two of high quality imported parmesan and not have crazy tummy trouble. And last night I had some real whipped cream. Now that kinda did a small number on the ole tum even after popping a couple of Lactaid tablets, but no so much that I’m out of commission for any length of time. Or rather I ignored the discomfort. [Not something one can generally do with an allergy or a serious sensitivity].

So in truth, dairy-free is more of a choice that I can unchoose at any time, kinda -sorta. Just FYI.


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