The unofficial burger crawl continues.

I went to the Stand thrice in the last 30 days. Bruni had given it a decent review and burgers are on my safe list: no nuts, no fish.

And after three visits, Stand might my new burger spot. I even tried to get Josh to go last night after the Twinkie party but he was set on Old Town Bar [which presented a perfectly acceptable specimen].

All three times I’ve gone, I’ve had the burger salad: three, three-ounce minis skewered, over a bed of Caesar salad [minus the Caesar for me]. The burgers are well seasoned, cooked perfectly medium and juicy [hard to do with the little guys who can overcook easier]. And at $12 bucks are at a decent price point. I haven’t had the fries, but the half-sours which are made in house are delish. Overall, good stuff.


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