Asthma in the NYT

Who knew I have one of six major diseases? Tuesday, the NYT ran a story about the six diseases you may not know you already have and what to ask your doctor.

Reminds me of when I sent a friend to my personal physician (sounds fancy doesn’t it). She had a cough that wouldn’t go away; she’s also an allergic type. She asked if I liked my doc. Marc Spero is my GP as well as a Pulmonologist and I like him, a lot.

No surprise, he sees a body through the eyes of a lung/chest guy. He concluded she had asthma. She thought he was a fool and chided me for having such a fool doctor. I suggested she may indeed be having some asthma; she wouldn’t hear of it. Ah well. Can’t please everyone.

Well, years later this NYT asthma article seems to confirm what my doctor thought; the cough was probably asthma. So interesting.


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