Max Brenner

Oh, Bruni how far thee have fallen. What’s next? A review of the fine cuisine served at Mars 2112?

Eater reported yesterday, cos they are serious scoop hounds and must have a hairy moley-mole at the NYT, that Bruni was reviewing Max Brenner’s Chocolate Emporium. I could scarcely believe my eyes.

This place isn’t a restaurant. Regardless, it’s completely Teflon to a NYT review. It’s chocolate; all the world loves chocolate irrespective of its inferior quality. See Hershey’s. I’m sorry but it doesn’t even smell like chocolate. [Allergic Girl checked out the Bald Man in August with much consternation].

So why a review? An actual NYT times review? Why bother? Who approved this? Truly not a fair fight.


Anonymous said…
LOL - I read it. I don't live in NY but it sounds wretched, and just the kind of thing a lot of people I know would love. If one more person asks me to a fondue chain I'm going to scream.
Allergic Girl® said…
lol, they have fondue chains?

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