Sunrise Earth

What’s your morning routine? I spring out of bed, without an alarm, at 7am-I know, ridic. And by 7:15am or thereabouts, I have a cup of Earl Grey on my desk and my iBook is warmed up, ready to begin.

I like to get a good hour or two of work in before any drilling begins. Yeah, drilling. My building is undergoing major renovations: the exterior brick is being resurfaced and the garage is being demolished and redone. Additionally, there are continuous major interior renovations: individual apartments are being gutted and overhauled. For months, my bedroom wall was shaking all day. Now, it’s the upstairs apartment and everything shakes. Drilling starts at 830am.

In the first hopeful hours of the day, I'm looking for something gentle to wake with me. I don’t like morning news; it’s all bad. Or morning shows; too oddly happy. I’ve discovered Sunrise Earth. It’s a pure nature show, no voice over, no editorial content, just nature. And by nature I mean the sound of babbling brooks, or cows mooing; sometimes it’s simply mountains or snow; sometimes just a breeze, or birds. It’s always involves the dawn in America. It’s restful. I’ve meditated with it playing the background. And I have it in High Def. I’ve taped a few episodes, I run them in a loop all morning, constant sunrise until noon.


Sheri said…
If I had to listen to drilling starting that early, someone would get hurt LOL

I am the same way - I am up at 5:30 without an alarm clock's blare. Well, it WAS 5:30. Now it's whenever the dog decides she needs to go. Lately, that's 3:30!
Heather said…
Sounds great and like a good antidote to the drilling!! We just got digital cable this week (I know, I know--the last people in the world to get it), so I'll see if we have it.
Allergic Girl® said…
sheri--one of the perks of living in the city--if it's no construction not on the street, it's in the building or if you're really lucky both! like moi! actually no drilling today so all is good. but oh dear 530am, that is before the sunrise on TV or otherwise. ;-)

heather--i love my digi cable and the dvr feature, very fun. let me know if you have it, even not in HD it should be very relaxing.

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