Revolution Health, Allergies and Asthma Call

Fascinating hour with not one but two experts on allergies and asthma: Dr. William Storms and AAFA’s own Mike Tringale. There were only four of us bloggers this time around: Allergic Girl, Our Story, Allergy Moms, and Allergyware and we had the undivided attention of these two incredibly knowledgeable experts.

It was less a question by question sitch and more of a round table discussion that allowed for a deeper exploration of the question. We discussed: the very broad definition of asthma; IgE and specific IgE testing; the implications of the new asthma and allergy drug Xolair; the possible peanut allergy vaccine; the possibility of young children aging out of asthma and then aging back in as teenagers and older adults as well as other issues.

I should have the Revolution Health podcast link by tomorrow. When I do I urge you to have a listen if you or a loved one has allergies, asthma or any combination thereof. Information is power. And this podcast is one power hour.

PS Speaking of powerful information, AAFA’s site is a treasure trove of realiable FREE information and downloadables, even assistance finding a doctor in your area. Check it out if you haven’t already.


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