Monday Nibbles on Tuesday

- Once. Such a lovely indie film. If perchance it comes to your town, or they get a Blockbuster distribution deal, rent it, see it, love it.

- Truffle oil doesn’t exist in the natural world.

- Eat Well, Feel Well . I’ve only heard the phrase Specific Carbohydrate Diet once before. Do you know about this? The kind folks at Clarkson Potter sent over a copy of this recipe book and diet guide. Intriguing - it’s a diet similar to the one I follow [although I’ve never heard about SCD]: no gluten, no processed sugars, only good fats. I need to read more and will report back.

-I’ve been on a burger tear the last few months. [I think it’s slowed down a bit as I’ve been doing a veggie thing the last few weeks, felt like I was over meating.] Rachel Ray, although not a favorite of mine, makes this lamb burger with a ridicchio and fennel salad that I made last summer with organic beef and it was terrific. Bittman did a fun story on how to make the perfect burger. I say fun only in that he proposes to really do it right you need to grind the meat yourself. In a perfect world, that sounds like a good idea. In a near perfect world, there would be butchers on every corner where you’d watch them grind your meat. But it feels like the only butchers left in Manhattan are Lobels or other equally outrageously priced; who else can afford the rent?


Heather said…
I just added Once to my Netflix queue for whenever it comes out. Thanks!

I'll have to read that truffle oil story. That's really too bad.
Allergic Girl® said…
once is still playing at the landmark sunshine i think, i just saw it two weeks ago.

and yeah, truffles, we were all duped...
How funny. The Clarkson Potter people contacted me about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as well. I'll let you know what I think when I've read it!
Allergic Girl® said…
it's a nice looking tome, i just dont know what i think of the basic premise yet, the SCD part. def let me know what you think FAQ.

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